Tax Services

We work closely with our clients on tax services to not only ensure compliance with tax laws, but to help them pay no more than the law requires.

  • Income, Gift and Estate Tax Planning – Consultations to help you arrange your business and personal financial affairs to reduce your total tax bill
  • Tax Analysis – Consider the tax implications of an anticipated financial move
  • Tax Return Preparation for all entity types at the federal, state, and local levels
    • Corporations
    • Pass-through entities – S-corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC)
    • Development, health care, legal, and other professional practices
    • Not-for-profit/tax-exempt entities
    • Estates and trusts
    • Gifts
    • Individuals with business, rental or investment reporting
  • Multi-State Tax Return Preparation
  • Electronic Filing Service Included
  • Effective Representation in Tax Examinations
    • Mail, telephone, and face-to-face representation before
    • Internal Revenue Service,
    • State Departments of Revenue, and
    • Local taxing authorities

We also offer extensive financial consulting for individuals and businesses.

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