Tax Services

We work closely with our clients on tax services to not only ensure compliance with tax laws, but to help them pay no more than the law requires.

  • Income, Gift and Estate Tax Planning – Consultations to help you arrange your business and personal financial affairs to reduce your total tax bill
  • Tax Analysis – Consider the tax implications of an anticipated financial move
  • Tax Return Preparation for all entity types at the federal, state, and local levels
    • Corporations
    • Pass-through entities – S-corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC)
    • Development, health care, legal, and other professional practices
    • Not-for-profit/tax-exempt entities
    • Estates and trusts
    • Gifts
    • Individuals with business, rental or investment reporting
  • Multi-State Tax Return Preparation
  • Electronic Filing Service Included
  • Effective Representation in Tax Examinations
    • Mail, telephone, and face-to-face representation before
    • Internal Revenue Service,
    • State Departments of Revenue, and
    • Local taxing authorities

To start conquering your taxes, please fill out the form on this page. If you would prefer to call, you are more than welcome to call us at (865) 523-8700 today.

We also offer extensive financial consulting for individuals and businesses.

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